Monday, May 20, 2013

Human Reactions to Great Problems ..

Our tendencies if we are honest

If we are honest when times of trouble come our first reaction may not be our best reaction...we get caught up in the midst of the panic and quickly lose our perspective .
Instead of being still and looking up to a great God we look to ourselves and our own futile ways of coping with the problem that is staring us in the face .
Again as always I'm so thrilled that Gods word does not paint a picture of perfect faith filled people ,but allows us to see the reality of Gods people in his word being just like us .
In Exodus 14 we see very common human reactions as the Egyptian army are giving chase to Gods people who have only just left Egypt's slavery, bondage and oppression.
On seeing the 600 chariots thundering towards them and kicking up the dust Gods people do what most of us tend to do at such times get stuck in fear , lose their perspective ,blame the nearest person or fold under the pressure and say lets go back to where we were...It was so much better (Ha!..Yep that sounds like us )

What we should do at such times?

However , Gods appointed man Moses shows us the right way to face such overwhelming times .
You can hear his answers to such perplexing moments and how we are to keep our heads when everyone around us is losing theirs in my sermon  'GREAT OBSTACLES, our responses and GODS GREATNESS " now on the kings Family Church website .  Facing a Red Sea in your life or feeling hemmed in by your circumstances ? the this will help you navigate from fear to faith.....Enjoy

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